About Us

Focus On Overall UV Solutions

GUANGZHOU HUAYUN TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD located on side of Guangzhou Cisco Smart City in 2017, devoted to research and development, production and marketing of high quality of intelligent of variable frequency UV power, LED power and relevant matching equipment.

Energy Efficiency

Comparing traditional Capacitors and transformers, our new dynamic stepless adjusting technology saving power more than 30%, as well as stable output avoiding network voltage fluctuation and environmental implication.

Full Digitalization

Adopting 32 bits high performance DSP for full digitalization, can realize minimum SCM system networking control. Reserving RS485 interface for multimachine parallel networking control.

Protection Function

Adopting PID algorithm control to achieve power output stability, possessing more than 20 overall protection functions include phase loss protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, , under voltage protection, over voltage protection etc.

Dynamic Regulation

Supporting dynamically adjusting lighting of mercury lamps, metal halide UV lamps, and gallium lamps to achieve smooth startup and status signals output: Fan control, failure warning, start complete etc.


Focus On Overall UV Solutions